Max and the Spice Thieves

YA Fantasy Novel

By John Peragine


When his mother goes missing, Max Daybreaker’s world is turned upside down. Luckily, a crew of Spice Pirates, led by the mysterious Captain Cinn, help Max on his dangerous mission across the three seas.

 Along the way, an unlikely alliance aids in his search—a teenage warrior queen, a three-eyed seer, and an assassin spy.

Their journey takes them through treacherous lands while facing shapeshifting bears, an ancient witch, harpies, and the nightmarish Djinn, who will stop at nothing to enslave the world.

With every new challenge, Max unlocks the secrets of his unsettling past. Powers awaken within, forcing him to question everything he knows.


Is Max who he thinks he is? Only time and destiny will tell…

Best Selling Author


John Peragine

John Peragine is an author of over fourteen books. The Secrets of the Twilight Djinn series was written as a bedtime story for his son Max to cope with medical issues he was facing as a little boy. John is a full-time ghostwriter who lives with his son, wife, and a menagerie of animals on his vineyard overlooking the Mississippi River.

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   Max and the Isle of Sanctus                Book 2 – Secrets of the Twilight Djinn



Coming Fall 2021

Cucamonga Valley Wine

The Cucamonga Valley was once America’s largest wine-producing region, crafting quality vintages decades before Napa and Sonoma. Today, local vintners and wine enthusiasts are reviving the region’s proud heritage. Authors George M. Walker and John Peragine uncork a legacy too delectable to die.

A History of Iowa Wine

Iowa has a history with grapevines that goes back more than a century. Pesticides, weather and government subsidies ended the time of the vines of the prairie until their recent return. Author John N. Peragine details the rise, fall and resurgence of the industry in the Hawkeye State.


He is masterful at taking text and creating a beautiful picture out of it. He has a way with words. He has a true gift.

– Brandon Lee- CBS Anchor, Author of Mascara Boy

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Tales from the Saucy Pig

Food and Spice

Food and Spice

   Food plays a big role in Max and the Spice Thieves, as it will throughout the Secrets of the Twilight Djinn. Captain Cinn touts, "Bland food is a crime."  We take for granted that we can open a drawer and have spices from all around the world at our...

The Tale of Shark Tooth Island

The Tale of Shark Tooth Island

I was about eight years old and my neighbor, Spencer, and his mother invited me on a day trip to Shark Tooth Island. (A small sandbar island off of St. Petersburg Beach, Florida). I thought the island's name had to do with the shape of it, which was a crescent. Yes, I...

Three-Eyed Sally

Three-Eyed Sally

I wish I could talk to Three-Eyed Sally right now so she could predict what was going to happen in 2021. My gut says that things will shift more back toward normal- whatever "normal" is. I believe we will be living in a whole new world, one full of new adventures,...

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